Amplifiers and Cabinets:

2005 Matamp 'Green' GTR Guitar Head

1970's Sunn O))) Concert Lead Guitar Head

1980s Laney AOR100 Guitar Head (JCM800 clone)

2013 50W Orange Thunderverb Guitar Head

2005 120W Peavey 6534+ Guitar Head

50W Jet City JCA50H Guitar Head (Soldano Hot Rod 50 Clone)

1974 70W Silverface Fender Bassman Guitar/Bass Head

1970s 50W Selmer Treble N' Bass SV Guitar/Bass Head

1971 50W Sound City PA Plus Head (Dallas Arbiter)

400W Peavey (KVLT) Bass Head Mark VI

Marshall 1960A 4x12 Guitar Cabinet (Celestion G12s, 300W)

Matamp 4x12 Guitar Cabinet (Celestion Hot 100's, 400W)

1970's Marshall 'Silver Mesh' 2x12 Guitar Cabinet

Open Back Orange 2x12 Guitar Cabinet with Switchable Impedance

Ampeg SVT Classic 8x10 Bass Cabinet

1970s Selmer 2x10 Cabinet (Eminence Copperheads, 130W)

1980s 65W Peavey Bandit (US Made) w/ Eminence Legend (12", 75W)

Unbranded 15" + 12" Bass Cabinet


Guitars and Basses:

2016 Gibson SG Heritage

2012 Satin Mahogany Gibson Les Paul Traditional

200(?) Transparent Blue First Act Sheena

2013 Fender FSR Telecaster with Black Dove P90 pickups

1998 Fiesta Red Fender Stratocaster 'Traditional'

BC Rich Warlock 'Body Art' Series (Looks horrible, sounds nasty in a good way)

1983 Ovation P Bass with splittable DiMarzio Humbucker

Takamine G-15 Acoustic Guitar



Mapex Saturn Kit (Silver Sparkle) (22/12/16)

Gretsch Catalina Club Kit (Limited Oyster Shell Finish) (20/12/14)

Mapex Black Panther 14x5 Snare

Limited edition DW/PDP Bubinga and Maple 14x8 Snare

Worldmax Beta 14x6.5 Snare



Vintage White Sennheiser MD421 x2

Sennheiser e906 x1

Vintage AKG D12 x1

Heil PR30 x1

Audix D6 x1

Audix i5 x1

SE Electronics Voodoo VR1 Ribbon Microphone x1

Bumblebee Pro Audio RM-5 Ribbon Microphone x1

Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon Microphone x1

Beyerdynamic M88 x1

Beyerdynamic M420 x1

Beyerdynamic M210 x1

Beyerdynamic TG D58c Condenser x4

SE Electronics Z5600a II Large Diaphragm Valve Microphone x 1

SE Electronics SE2000 Large Diaphragm Fet Style Condenser x1

Oktava MK-101 Large Diaphragm Condenser x2

Oktava MK-012 Small Diaphragm Condenser x2

Shure SM57 x2

Shure SM58 x2

Bizzy Bee Contact Mic x1


Preamps and Outboard Gear:

Golden Age Pre 73 x2 Preamp and DI

Warm Audio WA12 Preamp and DI (with Cinemag output transformer)

Lindell Audio PX-600 Preamp and EQ

Hairball Audio Lola Preamp and DI

API Lunchbox 8B 500 Series Power Supply

Radial Workhorse 500 Series Power Supply

Audient ASP 880 Preamps x8

Audient ASP 800 Preamps x8

Antelope Audio Orion 32+ Analogue/Digital Converter

Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Interface (Spare)

Ferrofish AE16 Analogue - Digital / Digital - Analogue/Digital Converter (Spare)

Palmer 'Daccapo' Re-Amplification Box


Effects Units:

Fuzzrocious Effects 'Grey Stache' Soviet Big Muff Clone with Swtichable Diodes (fuzz)

Earthquaker Devices 'Hoof' (fuzz)

Death By Audio 'Fuzz War' (fuzz)

EHX Black Russian Big Muff Pi (fuzz)

Minotaur Effects 'Fuzz and Burn' (Sleep 'Dopesmoker' modelled fuzz/overdrive)

Frederic Effects 'Scrambled Brainz' Ampeg Scrambler Clone (fuzz)

Abominable Electronics 'Don't Shred On Me' Modded ProCo Rat Clone (fuzz/distortion that sounds better than the original)

ProCo 'Rat' (LM308 chip mod) (fuzz/distortion)

DOD Gunslinger (mosfet distortion)

80s Boss HM-2 (Japan) (distortion)

90s Boss HM-2 (Taiwan) (distortion)

80s Arion 'Metal Master' (HM-2 clone)

GodCity Instruments 'Brutalist Jr.' (Modded Providence Stampede Clone) x2 (1 with mods)

Digitech 'Death Metal' (I hate this pedal)

Fuzzrocious Effects 'OCDemon' Fulltone OCD Clone (distortion/overdrive with more low end + a noisy oscillator section)

Mooer Effects 'Hustle Drive' Fulltone OCD Clone (distortion/overdrive)

Boss BD-2 'Blues Driver' (distortion/overdrive)

80's Ibanez CS9 (stereo chorus (analogue))

80's Ibanez PQ9 (parametric equalizer (analogue))

Boss PS-9 Harmonist (stereo pitch/glitch shifter)

Line 6 ToneCore Series Tap Tremolo (stereo tap tremolo)

Earthquaker Devices Afterneath (reverb)

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay (stereo tap delay)

Watkins/WEM IC400 Varispeed Copicat (Tape Echo)

Radial 'Bigshot' ABY


Synthesisers, Organs and Midi Controllers:

Arturia MiniBrute Analog Synthesiser

Vintage Farfisa Organ

Vintage Bontempi Organ

80's Casio 'Casiotone' MT210 Synthesiser

Arturia MiniLab Midi Controller


Computer, DAW and Main Plugins:

Mac Pro G5 w/Samsung 256GB Pro SSD (32GB RAM)

Pro Tools 11

Slate Digital 'Everything Bundle'

iZotope Ozone 6

Softubes Tubetech CL1B Optical Compressor

Fabfilter Pro L

Softubes Drawmer S73

Waves API 2500 Compressor/Limiter

Waves API EQ's

Waves PuigTech EQs

Waves Scheps 73 EQ

Waves C6 Multiband Compressor

Drumforge DF-Xcite

JST Transify

Valhalla DSP Shimmer Reverb

Valhalla DSP FreqEcho

Soundtoys SieQ (Siemens EQ)

Soundtoys 'Little' Series Plugins