Can you mix my music that has been recorded elsewhere?

Yes, but please email me first of all to give me some information on where it was recorded and make sure the files are prepared for mixing before being sent to me.

Can I hire you to record my band at another studio?

Yes, but all travel expenses must be paid for.

Can I bring my friends along with me when recording?

Yes, but bear in mind the control room is fairly small and ends up getting a little bit cramped. Also bear in mind that if you are goofing around you are wasting your own money.

Can I drink at your studio?

Whilst I understand that most people I work with record during time off work, it is preferable if you don't drink during recording but rather after you have finished any parts you have. Anyone severely intoxicated at the studio will be removed.

Can I do drugs at your studio?

No. This is not 1965 and you are not John Lennon. Leave it at home.

Can I bring my dog to your studio?

Yes absolutely, but best check that they aren't frequent barkers or are upset by noises a little bit louder than household settings.

I'm travelling from afar to record with you, where can I stay?

Please email me before hand and I can advise you as to where the best place to stay is, depending on the length of time you are here and how many people are in the band.

Can you master my music?


Do you do package deals?


Can the studio be 'dry hired' for us to have another producer/engineer record us there?