If you are looking to book in, please email me at me@lewisglassaudio.com with some basic information on your project/band.

Before you do so, I highly recommend you read all of the information below.

Price List / Terms & Conditions of Bookings and Payments 


1. Recording - £200 per day of recording (studio rental included). 

2. Mixing - An additional £65 for each song to be mixed. 

3. Mastering - £20 for each song to be mastered.

4. Any editing/quantising of material is charged at £20 per hour. It is thoroughly recommended that your project is well rehearsed before being recorded. 'Editing' a poor performance into a good performance takes up a lot of time and never sounds quite as good as just playing it right the first time. Alternatively, recording time can be used up to edit.

5. Clients are charged for the time they book regardless of how punctual they are.

6. Every song can be mixed a maximum of 3 times. From there on the standard fee of £65 will be applied.

7. Archival of recordings is the responsibility of the client, not Glassworks.

8. If stems, samples or alternate mixes have to be made, please state this at the time of booking so that time can be allocated/booked in for these to be prepared.

9. Deposit - A 50% deposit is required to confirm the booking. If the session is cancelled the deposit will be lost. (Note: if you are able to get another artist to fill the booking, your deposit will be refunded. At this stage, it is not my responsibility to find another artist to fill the booking so you can get your deposit back - it is solely your responsibility. The bookings are not transferable, i.e. the booking relates to specific dates.

10. Agreed costs: All costs will be agreed in advance in writing. On completion of the work, the outstanding balance must be paid within 7 days in one single transaction (by cash or bank transfer).

11. These Terms and Conditions are necessary to manage a busy booking schedule and to ensure each artist(s)/band(s) is/are familiar with the booking and payment process in advance.